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    How we help you

How we help

Let us take some of the strain

When you're starting out there's so much to do that takes up time and costs money. We've taken care of a lot of that for you. Joining us also gives you access to many things that would otherwise be off the table to an individual operating alone. Take a look and see how we help our Area Directors get up and running quickly and allow them to focus on the day job.



When you join we spend 2 weeks with you working through our programme on a one-to-one basis. This isn't about HR, it's about running a business, and, really importantly, mastering the art of selling.

We know what it takes to generate leads and then convert them into sales. It involves time, hard work and a certain set of skills. It isn’t witchcraft or magic and you’re probably better at it than you think.

Part of our initial training programme covers sales & marketing – it’s tailored to you and we work together, one-to-one, mastering those skills so you’re comfortable and confident when you’re out there doing it ‘for real’.

The plan is not to turn you into someone you’re not but to show you how to use the skills you already have as a people person and to fit them around a structure that will help increase your success! We’ll look at how you turn the theory into practice in the following weeks and there’s ongoing support for as long as you want it.



Your back office

As you know, HR problems don’t always arise when it’s convenient. Let’s take holidays for example; you’ve set off for a week or two away to recharge your batteries and your biggest client finds they have a grievance situation which won't wait. They need help now and you’re on a plane for the next 10 hours. What happens? Well, as an Area Director at Sagegreen HR your clients have someone else to call for the same practical, commercial advice and help you would give them, the problem is dealt with, you can enjoy your holiday and, crucially your client is happy and didn’t go looking to your competition for a fix.

Then there's the money. As if getting a client to sign and then delivering the work for them wasn’t enough, there’s also the not-so-minor issue of invoicing and making sure the funds come in. In any company, cash management is important but as a smaller business it’s critical. It can be unpleasant and awkward if you have to chase a client for payment and it’s often the last task on the list. At SagegreenHR we handle invoicing and cash collection for you – it’s one less thing to worry about so more of your time can be spent of developing relationships and delivering HR services.



Complete service offering

With your HR experience you’re able to provide all the day to day support your clients need, be it compliance or admin and that’s important, indeed it may well be your bread and butter, but what if they want more?

That’s one of the significant advantages of being part of something bigger - you can provide it all. Clients don’t see you as a ‘one-man-band’ and whilst you can provide the flexibility of a smaller, local office you can provide the services of a much larger, established, successful organisation.

Being a Sagegreen HR Area Director gives you access to services which may otherwise be out of budget or totally unavailable – a truly unique Indemnity Insurance for your clients, formal legal advice and psychometric testing software for example.

Also, it allows you to offer clients more specialist services – executive coaching, organisational development, confidential search, reward bench-marking, outplacement and strategic development to name a few. Services which allow you to create a better, stronger relationship with a client, to ensure they see you as being able to meet ALL their HR needs even if they are services which you do not have the time or particular skill set to deliver personally. If together, we can give your client what they need in-house, they won’t go looking elsewhere.



Ongoing Support


We’re a team of people who have ‘been there and done that’ so, when you have a question or you’re not sure how to tackle something you pick up the phone and find out – an option that’s not there if you truly are ‘going it alone’.

The support you’ll need will change as your business grows. In the early days there’s a lot to learn about how to start up and run a business, we’ll have 2 weeks of one-to-one training with you so the foundation is solid.

As you become established, what we know about handling the challenging clients and managing strategically will be of much more interest! It may well be possible to collaborate with other franchisees on larger projects and just being part of a larger organisation can help you achieve a greater spectrum of business – as an individual it’s impossible to be great at everything but as part of a team there’s always someone to provide specialist services to your client whilst you’re still benefiting financially and managing the relationship.

There will also be regular reviews – not big, formal occasions but regular, friendly discussions to look at how things are progressing and how to plan for the future.

For some, all this talk of help might seem a bit cloying, but don’t worry – whilst yes, we are always there to support you, this isn’t about us breathing down your neck or getting under the feet. You are your own boss – you’re the one in charge.



Unique indemnity insurance & legal advice

We have a unique indemnity insurance available only because of our solid track history. Even when a situation looks as like it may be heading to Tribunal our policy  allows you to continue delivering commercially sound, practical advice so your client won’t find themselves shackled by call centre legal advice at a critical time.

If you or your client do need formal legal advice or legal documents and agreements, our partnerships with established, highly reputable law firms mean there's always someone reliable to call.




And more....

There's a wealth of documents in our IP library - letters, contracts, handbooks and training - a full suite for you to use from day one means you don't have to put in immeasurable hours creating them from scratch.

Marketing materials such as leaflets, pop up banners, folders and, of course, the website, all back up your professional, credible image.

There's an email address, stationery and branding too but it's not just the tangible, we innovate. We're constantly trying out new things, putting in time, money and effort so you don't waste yours finding out what works.

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