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Is it for me?

Is a franchise for me?

Most of our Area Directors joined because they wanted more – more flexibility, more time with the kids, more time to look after relatives, more money, more control, a better life for them and their family, a better balance & improved well-being.

Also, most were, to use a clichéd phrase, at a crossroads – something in their lives just wasn’t working - the daily grind/commute/routine was taking its toll or the thought of a new job working for someone else just didn’t make sense when they knew they had the skills to do it for themselves. Perhaps home life was changing – the little ones weren’t so little any more, parents needed a bit more support, their partner was re-locating, whatever the reason they knew it was time to start some serious planning for the future.

Yes, we're talking about our team of franchisees - real people who live real lives – their business is a really important aspect and they work hard to make it successful but it’s not just that, it’s the springboard to something else – freedom.

Whilst they were all driven by the same need - change, our Area Directors are all very different people. They have a good, solid generalist backgrounds but most specialise in what’s important to them. Take Debbie for example - our HR Information Systems specialist. If one of our clients is thinking about ‘going digital’ with their records Debbie will help them select the best option for their business and, if required, handle the set up so they are up and running as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

See what Debbie has to say about being part of Sagegreen HR on our Testimonials page.


It’s not for everyone this self-employed lark – we’re probably talking about a big change to your life, but it’s definitely worth finding out a bit more, it might be the best thing you ever do.

With all that in mind, what about our original question – “Is a franchise for me?”

It's perhaps a little early to tell but, if you don’t do something life’s going to carry on as it is and let’s face it, telling yourself (or others) you’re waiting for the right time is the same as doing nothing. The chances are the timing will never be perfect, life just isn’t like that.

Maybe now really is time to do something differently and, maybe joining SagegreenHR is the answer for you. Read on. Let’s find out.