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    Why us?
    Because for us,
    it's about You

Why Sagegreen HR?

With Sagegreen HR, our philosophy sets us apart; you’re investing in something and so are we, we're interested in building a joint business, in working together.
We're not a big corporate churning out thousands of look-a-likes. For us, franchising isn’t about taking a big, fat fee up front and swanning off into the sunset, not only is that a million miles away from where we stand ethically it also makes no sense for either of us commercially.
We want to share everything we know with you and help your business thrive. At the end of the day we’re only successful if you are.

The SagegreenHR franchise offering is the most comprehensive on the market.

We’re hands on, we’ll train you, help you and open doors for you. We have credibility in the face of prospective clients built up over 19 years and backed up by scale. Our experience means you can provide your clients with a range of services which isn’t matched anywhere else.

You'd have an exclusive territory - you can source business from anywhere in the country but you will have an area where only you will be allowed to proactively market your Sagegreen HR services.
If you’re an experienced and CIPD qualified HR professional you can become a self-employed HR Consultant, building and managing your own business delivering great service to clients. It doesn’t have to stop with just you, our franchisees can (and do) set up their own teams including administrators, sales people and HR managers. It’s your business and you can turn it into whatever you want it to be.

Or, for those who are not an HR expert, our ‘Management Franchise’ gives you the opportunity to build and manage the business, employing your own team of HR Consultants to undertake the delivery.

Either way we provide a ‘business in a box’ at the start and complete support forever. And, because you’re building a business you’re creating something valuable that you can choose to sell if you wish.

Starting your own business can be a bit daunting and, even when it’s up and running not everything goes according to plan so we’re with you, from well before day one. See our How We Help page for more detail.